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Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson. Image: Flickr

These columns were published on Lit during 2020.

Labour & Tory Political Ill-health Left Us At COVID’s Mercy – November 20th, 2020

Trump’s Bizarre Convention Is The Natural End-Point Of Tory Culture Wars – August 31st, 2020

Conspiracy Corbyn Is Still Wasting Labour’s Time. When Will Starmer Act? – August 20th, 2020

Reactions To The Russia Report And The BBC Panorama Apology Expose Our Fantasy Politics – July 23rd 2020

Boris Johnson Versus Keir Starmer On COVID-19 Exposes The Limits of The Populist Style – May 24th 2020

5G Conspiracy Theories Are The Tip Of The Ickeberg In Our Paranoid Culture – May 8th 2020

With Friends Like These, Does Keir Starmer Really Need Enemies? – April 23rd 2020

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